A cup of coffee and a second opinion

Simply put, second opinions are valuable. Just as you seek out second opinions from doctors to protect your physical health, a second opinion from a Retirement Planner may help you protect your financial health.

In our initial meeting we review your goals and all relevant information concerning your current financial picture. No decisions are made either by you or us regarding our services. We have more work to do.

After our information gathering process, we thoroughly review your portfolio and all your holdings. We measure the level of risk you are taking and compare this to your preferences.

We analyze your financial priorities, whether it is achieving a secure retirement or passing your wealth on to your heirs. We test these goals aggressively to see if you are on track and prepare a written presentation for our next meeting.

At our second opinion meeting we lay out your financial goals and whether or not you are on track. We discuss your financial resources and point out both the positive discoveries and items needing your attention. You will know at the conclusion of the meeting where you stand. And if not on track, what steps need to be taken to get there.

Is our second opinion service for you?

If you thrive on discovering the latest "hot stock,” prefer trusting your instincts over sticking to a strategy or believe in chasing returns by jumping in and out of the market, our firm may not be for you.

We pride ourselves on working with clients who have clear goals, realistic expectations, and a cool head. We work hard to protect our clients from making emotional decisions that can negatively impact their long-term investment success. We believe that a plan involves discipline, a long-term perspective and regular reviews.

We don't engage clients unless we can add substantial value to their financial lives. Our processes for second opinions are exceptional. You will know where you stand and what road you need to take to meet your goals successfully.

Please contact us to arrange for a second opinion consultation and enjoy a cup of coffee on us.